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for you & the planet

Discover healthy alternatives that match your dietary needs and values, wherever you shop.

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Eat healthy,
shop your values

Search or scan over 340,000 food & beverage products to see their impact on your health and the environment.

Save time
with dietary filters

Pick from 30+ dietary needs and food allergies to filter out the noise.

No need to read every ingredient list, do nutrition math, or Google terms (unless you want to).

Find healthy & sustainable

If a product doesn’t match your preferences, we suggest better alternatives to you based on your dietary needs and values.

Build affordable
grocery lists in minutes

Improve your diet while making grocery shopping quick and easy, whether you’re ordering online or going to the store.

Community love

4.8 stars


"It is extremely nice I can incorporate my values, dietary preferences, and most importantly, my food allergies. It’s made my new lifestyle effortless."

Liz, Chicago, IL

"This app has truly changed my life when it comes to grocery shopping and how I eat, and I just want to share it with the world. Now I always scan and do research on the app before going to the store."

Trevor, Los Angeles, CA

"As a Dietitian, I love this app. Highly recommend for anyone trying to make shopping and healthier choices easier!!"

William, Vail, CO

"I’ve been searching for a way to eat more naturally and get recommendations for products that support my values. GreenChoice gives me all of that."

Lois, Somerville, MA

"It actually became fun to go from product to product, scanning each and finding how it scored for sustainability, healthiness, etc."

Rustin, Boston, MA

"GreenChoice has significantly reduced my grocery shopping anxiety! It gives me peace of mind knowing that what I am shopping for and putting in my body is truly healthy."

Kalie-Ann, Burlington, NC

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