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444 Somerville Ave., Attn: GreenChoice,

Somerville, MA. 02143

GreenChoice is a free app that makes shopping for healthy and sustainable foods easy, fun, and more affordable. Companies don't always make it easy to know what products are healthy, sustainable, and ethical - we do.


Your Food Assistant

Discover the right food for you.

Build a healthy you & a healthy planet through your daily food choices.

Diet &


Nutrition & Health

Environment &

Human Rights

Ethics & Transparency

Knowledge is Power

Shop Smart

Access product GreenScores® & insights on the food safety, processing concerns, nutritional value, and environmental impact of over

80,000 food and beverage products.

Health & Sustainability Simplified

Research & Data Analyzed for You

It shouldn't be so hard to know what's good for you and the planet.

We evaluate products across hundreds of attributes related to diet, health, & sustainability, aggregating research and data from 120+ sources to keep

you well-informed while saving you hours of research and confusion.

Just for You

Get Personalized Guidance

We hate reading every ingredient list - checking for gelatin, gluten, almonds, etc. - and we bet you do too.


We also recognize there is nothing more personal than what we put in our body.

Input your dietary needs & values and get personalized recommendations to be alerted when products conflict with your allergies or diet.

Search & Discover

Find Better Options

Scan, search, or browse to compare

products and see personalized


Easy & Convenient

Build & Compare Grocery Lists

Create shopping lists to order online or shop in-store, and see where you can get your list for the best deal.

Track & Earn

Track Your Purchases & Earn

Take photos of your grocery receipts to track your GreenScore® and get personalized product 

recommendations to help you improve your

purchases in the future!

As if your good health and saving the planet aren't enough - earn rewards for making healthy and sustainable food choices!

We've partnered with local businesses to offer you additional incentives for making great food choices - like free yoga, spin class, personal training, and professional massage.



"Last time I was grocery shopping, it actually became fun to go from product to product, scanning each and finding how it scored for sustainability, healthiness, etc. This is a new app so it still has some polishing to do, but the core value it delivers is real. It allows consumers to actually see what goes into the food they buy, and how it impacts the planet." 

- Rustin N.

Find healthy products.
Discover sustainable options.
Avoid toxic ingredients.