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Scan your grocery receipts to check your nutrition and sustainability stats.

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for you, the planet, & your budget

We help you buy groceries that match your dietary needs and values, without sacrificing your budget.

Filter out the noise & save time

Stop spending your time analyzing ingredient lists, doing calculus on nutrition labels, and Googling claims.

We curate and suggest products based on your personal dietary needs and preferences.

Shop smarter & smile

See products' impact on your health and the environment by simply searching or scanning.

Are you a company making food that is better for us or the environment?

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"It is extremely nice I can incorporate my values, dietary preferences, and most importantly, my food allergies. It's made my new lifestyle effortless."

Liz G.

Community Love

4.9 stars

"It actually became fun to go from product to product, scanning each and finding how it scored for sustainability, healthiness, etc."

Rustin N.

"I’ve been searching for a way to eat more naturally and get recommendations for products that support my values. GreenChoice gives me all of that." 

Lois M.


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GreenChoice is a free app that empowers you to buy the best food products for YOU and the planet, based on your dietary preferences and values. We analyze products' impact on your health and the environment to help you make purchases that match your personal needs.