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We saw 2019 foreshadow what we believe is an inevitable disruption to how we shop for and buy our food. Our aspirations and needs mean we 

Driven by aspirations of general health and wellness, perallergies, weight loss, chronic disease management, and sustainability, a growing number of consumers are thinking about the impact of their diet on their health and the planet.


Buying the right foods for you, which support your personal needs, goals, and values is a confusing and inconvenient process. In other words, there is a growing gap between the needs, goals, and values of consumers and the info required to satisfy said needs, goals, values.

desires, and growing consciousness towards sustainability, driven by Greta global climate strieks Generation Z.

Dietary Preferences

8% of GreenChoice users have reported having at least one food allergy.

Top 5 Food Allergies filtered on GreenChoice:

1. Lactose

3. Gluten

2. Dairy

5. Egg

4. Soy

12% of GreenChoice users have reported following a diet.

Top 4 Diets filters used on GreenChoice:

1. No Added Sugars

2. Vegan

3. Vegetarian

4. Gluten-Free

Our users searched for a lot of products...



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GreenChoice is a free app that helps you shop for healthy and sustainable foods. We make it easy to know what products are good for you and the planet, while making it easy to track your progress!