About Us

GreenChoice™ aims to foster large communities of empowered consumers. We use expert analysis and machine learning to score grocery items for health and sustainability. Specifically, we score products (0 to 100) for freshness, nutrition, health safety, animal welfare, transparency and sustainability. Our GreenScores™ enable individuals to quickly identify products that align with their values. Through comprehensive product scoring, personalized user feedback and increased connectivity, GreenChoice hopes to foster large communities of informed consumers.

We’re developing a browser extension which enables users to view how products match their preferences (based on our GreenScores™) while shopping online for groceries. We plan to launch our beta version this summer 2018 and welcome you to sign up as a beta user to receive early access!


Our Team

Sam Scudere-Weiss
Software Engineer

I believe in a future where healthy sustainable living is accessible to everyone.

Galen Karlan-Mason
Founder & CEO
I want to inspire my communities to maximize their impact and empower them to act now.
Antonia Kuntze
Operations Manager
I strive to save our world for future generations by inspiring people to live a sustainable life.
Moses Jaenson
Business Developer
I seek to leverage my understanding of human interaction and business to bring about positive and prolonged social change.
Maeve Donohue
Research Analyst Intern
I aim to be part of a movement that encourages a more peaceful and sustainable way of living, so that we can create a better world for future generations!

Our Advisers

Doug Dagan
Legal Adviser
Environmental Attorney & Consultant - JD & MELP, Vermont Law School / MEM, Yale / BA Chemistry & Env Studies, Middlebury College
Jimmy Karlan
Creative Adviser
Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments - Dir, Science Teacher Cert. at Antioch University / EdD, Harvard / MST Env. Studies, Antioch / BS, Env. Conservation, University of New Hampshire
Barry Berman
Industry Adviser
Executive VP, Stop & Shop (Retired) / Former CEO of Bradlee’s Department Stores / BS, Accounting & BA, Marketing, Northeastern University


Conflict of Interest Policy

We at GreenChoice™ are keenly aware that food and beverage companies may have a vested interest in influencing our company analyses and product scoring process, in order to earn higher GreenScores™. Consequently, we will do everything in our power to avoid perceived or real conflicts of interests. For this reason, GreenChoice™ we will review GreenChoice™ quarterly for any potential conflicts of interests based on the following guidelines.

There exists a perceived or real conflict of interest for GreenChoice™ if:

  1. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to score its products.
  2. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to advertise or promote its brand and/or products.
  3. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to use the GreenScore™ for advertising, marketing, or promotion.