Our Story

About Us

The GreenChoice™ platform empowers consumers to create a healthy, just and sustainable world by inspiring value-based purchases and responsible consumption. We score groceries for health and sustainability, leveraging expert analysis and machine learning to aggregate and synthesize information on industry, companies and their products. We collect and use data from many well-respected scientific authorities, non-profits, and third-party certifiers.

Our GreenScores™ enable individuals to quickly identify products that align with their values. The GreenScore™ System scores each product (0 to 100) for nutrition, freshness, health safety, animal welfare, transparency and sustainability, which together compile a product’s GreenScore™.

We’re developing a browser extension which enables users to view how grocery items match their preferences (based on our GreenScores™) while shopping online for groceries. We will launch our beta version this fall 2018 and welcome you to SIGN UP as a beta user to receive early access! MORE INFO COMING SOON.

Through comprehensive product scoring, personalized user feedback and increased connectivity, GreenChoice hopes to foster large communities of informed consumers.


Our Team

Sam Scudere-Weiss
Software Engineer

I believe in a future where healthy sustainable living is accessible to everyone.

Galen Karlan-Mason
CEO & Founder
I want to inspire my communities to maximize their impact and empower them to act now.
Maeve Donohue
Operations Manager

I aim to be part of a movement that encourages a more peaceful and sustainable way of living, so we can create a better world for future generations!

Our Advisors

Doug Dagan
Legal Advisor
Environmental Attorney & Consultant - JD & MELP, Vermont Law School / MEM, Yale / BA Chemistry & Env Studies, Middlebury College
Jimmy Karlan
Creative Advisor
Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments - Dir, Science Teacher Cert. at Antioch University / EdD, Harvard / MST Env. Studies, Antioch / BS, Env. Conservation, University of New Hampshire
Barry Berman
Food Industry Advisor
Executive VP, Stop & Shop (Retired) / Former CEO of Bradlee’s Department Stores / BS, Accounting & BA, Marketing, Northeastern University
Paul Fennelly
Environmental Business Advisor

Senior VP, Global Industry Sectors, AECOM Environment (Retired) / Technical Adviser, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center /  PhD Chemistry, Brandeis University

Moses Jaenson
Sales Advisor / Culture Coach

Software Sales, SaaS and Business Development / Master of the millennial psyche / BA Sociology, Loyola Marymount University

Our Purpose

Conventional agriculture is responsible for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while traditional mono-cropping and livestock rearing require an unsustainable amount of energy, water, and chemicals to produce our food. Furthermore, many industrialized practices have normalized the exploitation of farmers, workers, and animals. We’re here to change this.

GreenChoice™ will empower consumers to support a sustainable food system by purchasing environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible products. No longer will consumers be subjected to the misleading claims and confusing labels made by major food and beverage producers, which make even the most informed consumers anxious about which eggs to buy: free range or cage free; non-GMO or vegetarian fed; local non-organic or non-local organic? GreenChoice™ will harness the power of personal computers and smartphones to inspire consumers to make point-of-purchase decisions that align with their personal values – leading to behavioral changes, improved communal health and happiness.

With millions of users, GreenChoice will leverage consumers’ collective power to push industry to produce products that nurture, rather than harm, people and the planet. In this way, GreenChoice users will contribute to the development of healthier, more just and sustainable communities.