Our Promise

Working for a Public Benefit

As a public benefit corporation (PBC), GreenChoice has a legal obligation to prioritize our public benefit to society and the environment alongside financial returns. Our public benefit as defined in our charter is, “to empower people to create a healthy, just and sustainable world.” We will do this by…

  1. Empowering consumers to make informed choices:
    1. By providing users with critical and honest information on the health implications, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility of industries, companies, products and services.
    2. By giving users  feedback on the impact of their choices.
    3. By connecting users in ways that facilitate and inspire collective action.
  2. Conducting operations with integrity and transparency:
    1. By publicly disclosing information on our scoring methodology and clearly defining and avoiding potential conflicts of interest that could jeopardize the integrity of our GreenScores™.
  3. Fostering a work environment of integrity, courage, curiosity, and collaboration:
    1. By creating a workplace in which we play big, praise diversity, seek truth, and recognize that only together we will change the world.


Conflict of Interest Policy

We at GreenChoice™ are keenly aware that food and beverage companies may have a vested interest in influencing our company analyses and product scoring process, in order to earn higher GreenScores™. Consequently, we will do everything in our power to avoid perceived or real conflicts of interests. For this reason, GreenChoice™ we will review GreenChoice™ quarterly for any potential conflicts of interests based on the following guidelines.

There exists a perceived or real conflict of interest for GreenChoice™ if:

  1. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to score its products.
  2. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to advertise or promote its brand and/or products.
  3. A food or beverage company pays GreenChoice™ to use the GreenScore™ for advertising, marketing, or promotion.


Science Advisory Board

We are in the process of forming a Science Advisory Board (SAB) to guide the GreenScore™ system and monitor our integrity. Effectively, we are assembling a roundtable of “experts” assigned with advising the GreenScore™ process. The board will represent the following disciplines:

  1. Food Science and Nutrition
  2. Sustainable Agriculture and Farming
  3. Supply-Chains
  4. Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Analytics

In addition to invaluable insight and the most up-to-date knowledge, SAB members will bring their own resources and connections which can be used to leverage supply-chain transparency, improve access to quality data, and build strategic partnerships.

If you are interested in joining our SAB or would like to nominate someone – please let us know here!