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444 Somerville Ave.,

Somerville, MA. 02143

GreenChoice is a free app that empowers you to buy the best food products for YOU and the planet, based on your dietary preferences and values. We analyze products' impact on your health, society, and the environment to help you make purchases that match your personal values.

What We Do

GreenChoice empowers you to make informed food choices. 

We believe that our food purchases profoundly impact our health, our communities, and our planet.


People's interest in healthy, ethical, and sustainable food has never been greater, but finding trustworthy information to make informed choices has never been more difficult. Deciphering label claims, avoiding harmful ingredients, fighting climate change, and creating well-balanced meals that harness the power of food as medicine…. all while trying to balance your budget - you’ve got a lot on your plate! GreenChoice recognizes how overwhelming it can be to eat with your values and is here to help you do it, fast.


GreenChoice is not another calorie counter, influencer turned "health expert", diet pusher, or quick fix weight loss app. GreenChoice lets you scan and search products to immediately discover what’s in your food and learn how it was produced, all in one place. Get personalized recommendations, create shopping lists, track your impact, and learn how to improve.


Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive and holistic product scoring system that empowers you to make smart choices that align with YOUR values. Our system analyzes disparate research and data on food, health, and sustainability and matches it with your values and dietary goals - taking the work out of decoding what foods are best for you to eat and buy. Our sources include federal agencies, research institutes, third-party certifiers, peer-reviewed publications, public filings, and more.

Our unique point scale, the GreenScore®, instantly gives you the information that food labels don’t. We offer insights into nutrient density, processing concerns, food safety, and environmental footprint.  We are the ONLY system that rates food across all of these dimensions. 


GreenChoice empowers people to create a healthy, just, and sustainable world through daily choices. Join our community of engaged consumers and start changing the world one bite at a time.

How It All Started

CEO and Founder Galen Karlan-Mason is no stranger to the perils of food shopping or the power of food as medicine. As a kid growing up in rural Vermont, he suffered from complex food allergies (gluten, rice, citrus) that made his parents’ weekly trip to the grocery store a time-consuming and frustrating affair. Galen saw firsthand how much time and energy his ‘once-hippie’ parents had to spend to avoid compromising their values of ethically sourced, unprocessed foods. After his family doctor prescribed him a 4-year experimental food-based, naturopathic approach to overcoming his allergies with great success, Galen never thought of food the same way again!


Inspired by his parents, Galen has long held on to the belief that our individual choices can collectively create profound societal and environmental impact. During his time in business school, Galen made it his mission to prove that business can be ethical, environmentally conscious, and financially sustainable.

GreenChoice was born out of these values.

Our Leadership

Galen Karlan-Mason, MBA, Founder & CEO

“I got fed up with leaving the grocery store feeling like I had just compromised my health or my values for my budget without knowing what I could have done differently. Once I realized that many other people feel just as overwhelmed by their food choices as I did, I started to see our shared problem as a big data problem - one that we couldn’t solve without some help and inspiration.


I envision a day when irregardless of where you grow up, what your education is, what color you are, or how much money you make, you can eat food that is healthy for you and the planet. There is a tremendous amount of work in front of us, but it is my hope that GreenChoice will help make this happen.”

Varun Srivastava, MS, Co-Founder & Data Scientist

“I grew up in a family focused on holistic wellness, with daily exposure to meditation, yoga, home-cooked meals, and herbal medicine. When I moved to the US from India, I struggled to find balance. Grocery shopping for healthy foods became a real challenge; I found myself spending way too much time trying to make choices between different brands and varieties at the store and unsuccessfully trying to decipher conflicting marketing and product claims on food packages.  


I’ve always believed that knowledge is both a right and a privilege. As the lead data scientist for GreenChoice, I feel incredibly fortunate to use skills in data analytics and machine learning to inform consumers, make food shopping easier, and do right by our environment and our society.”

Makayla Meixner, MS, RDN
Principal Dietitian

"As the World Health Organization states, 'The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being.' My personal mission is to empower individuals to take knowledgeable action toward the highest level of health for themselves and the planet."

Shivam Chaturvedi
Lead Software Engineer

"Since I was 13 years young, I’ve always worked hard to achieve a single goal - 'build great technology and lead innovation with global reach.' Never have I felt closer to achieving this goal than I do right now building GreenChoice. I like to describe myself as a 'compulsive technologist,' with roots in all-round programming."

Barry Berman
Marc Katz
Jimmy Karlan, Ed.D
Paul Fennelly, PhD

We are working to diversify our advising team.

If you know stars who might be interested, please let us know!

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