Vote Your Values: Say 'Yes' on Prop 12

Here at GreenChoice, we encourage people to live their values daily. Tomorrow, November 6 is election day and we want to encourage you to go out and vote your values.

You vote every day without even realizing it. When you go to the store, you are voting on which companies you choose to support by purchasing their products. These companies in turn fund these elections and campaigns, putting the candidates they want into office.

California voters have the opportunity to offer better living standards for farm animals when they cast their ballot tomorrow. In 2008, California voted to pass Proposition 2 which freed egg-laying hens from cages so small they couldn’t move but did not eliminate the use of cages entirely. In 2018, California is revisiting this subject with Proposition 12.

A yes vote on Proposition 12, the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, will prohibit the confinement of calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and laying hens based on a minimum number of square feet. The previous initiative simply required that these animals be able to stand, fully extend their limbs, and turn around but set no specifics (NBC).

If passed, farmers will have to provide the following for their animals:

  • Calves confined for veal production need to have 4 square meters each

  • Breeding pigs would have to have 2.2 square meters each

  • All egg-laying hens would be cage-free by 2022

Violations of Proposition 12 would be considered misdemeanors and carry fines up to $1000 (Ballotpedia).

The most important thing you can do to help make sure that your state’s legislation matches your values is to get out and vote so do not forget to do so tomorrow!


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GC Content Writer: Rilee Dubilo


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