Acclaimed Journalist Maryn McKenna on “The Greatest Slow-Brewing Health Crisis Of Our Time”

On February 26th, GreenChoice and the Schuster Institute had the pleasure of hosting a fascinating talk with acclaimed journalist Maryn McKenna on the past, present and future of antibiotics. There wasn’t a dull moment as McKenna chronicled the story of antibiotics starting with the miraculous discovery of penicillin in 1928, through the industrial revolution, and finally to the use (and abuse) of antibiotics in modern day agriculture.


A Guide To Common Certifications

Below, we provide a short guide to clarify the differences between common food certifications, and enable you to make smart choices for your health and the environment.


GreenChoice Takes Prize at SPARKTank 2018!

Results are in! Congratulations to GreenChoice for taking a prize in the final round of Brandeis University‘s SPARKTank 2018!

GreenChoice is now one step closer to helping consumers make food purchases that align with their values and empowering them to make conscious, fully informed decisions.

Never underestimate the power of your footprint on Earth. Opting for green and sustainable options can go a long way in improving both your health and the environment. Be mindful of what you eat and where it comes from!

You can start making informed choices now by checking out our GreenScores.  

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Climate Changes Your Coffee Cup

Due to coffee’s adaptation to specific climate conditions, the crop is particularly sensitive to even the most subtle changes in temperature. As global temperatures continue to rise, farms and families are progressively being threatened. (more…)

5 Green Resolutions for 2018

It’s time to be honest about our personal habits and reflect on what we can improve for the sake of our health and our planet. Here are 5 easy New Year’s resolutions for 2018 that serve a bigger purpose. (more…)