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GreenChoice helps independent and regional grocers launch a leading personalized, food-as-medicine program, without a team of engineers, dietitians, & data scientists.

For years, it’s been hard to know if a food matches your diet, if it’s healthy, and good for the planet…

Not anymore–we turn hours of research into seconds for conscious consumers.

Our patent-pending tech uses AI to process 140+ vetted public data sources and 28+ million data points for fast, evidence-based health and sustainability product attribute analysis and scoring.


of shoppers use grocers’ websites or apps whether shopping online or in-store.
Luth Research, 2022


of Americans now follow a diet and 30% shop for someone with food allergies.
IFIC, 2022


of consumers wish food companies were more transparent about how they make their products.
FMI, 2022

We use data from 140+ vetted sources

Our team of nutrition, environmental and data scientists follow science-backed standards and use data from research institutes & NGOs, government agencies & IGOs, peer-reviewed journals, manufacturers, and more.

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…to understand food products’ dietary, health & sustainability attributes.

Access hundreds of derived dietary & values attributes, nutrition and sustainability scores and labels, and personalized product recommendations–for any product in your food & beverage catalog.

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…to understand food products’ dietary, health & sustainability attributes.

Access hundreds of derived dietary & values attributes, nutrition and sustainability scores and labels, and personalized product recommendations–for any product in your food & beverage catalog.

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We’ve analyzed 360K+ products & can process your entire product catalog in days, instead of months

In just a few hours, our systems can augment tens of thousands of new products with the data and insights you need to lead in personalization, product discovery & transparency, competitive insights, and ESG.

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Our food data & product attributes

We collect and standardize all base product information from the product package and online product detail pages.

eg. Product Name, Brand, Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, Description, Claims, Certifications, etc.

Our AI-based product classification engine analyzes each product’s attributes to categorize them in their most-fitting category, subcategory, type, and subtype.

eg. Milk > Plant-Based Milk > Soy Milk > Plain Soy Milk

We derive 10+ diets from standardized product information, built by our registered dietitians according to the most recognized clinical nutrition resources.

eg. Low FODMAP, Keto, Vegan, Paleo, No Added Sugar, etc.

We derive 20+ allergen warnings from standardized ingredient information considering all ingredient derivatives, according to the most recognized clinical nutrition resources.

eg. No Soy, No Corn, Contains Gluten, Contains Dairy, etc. 

We evaluate foods’ macro and micro nutrient profiles to derive science-backed (FDA-compliant) nutrient claims. Built by our registered dietitians.

eg. High Fiber, Low Fiber, High Carb, Low Carb, Low Saturated Fat, High Saturated Fat, etc. 

We analyze product ingredients and match them to consumer ingredient preferences and ingredient groups that have known health impacts.

eg. No Artificial Colors, No Nitrates, No MSG, Contains Whole Grains, etc.

We evaluate product claims, certifications, and ingredients to derive evidence-backed  sustainability insights about a product.

eg. Minimally Processed, Low Carbon Footprint, Palm Oil-Free, etc.

Our nutrition and environmental science team has done the hard work, building science-backed labels to help your customers find the products they seek.

eg. Real Ingredients, Plant-Based, Climate-friendly, Highly Nutritious, etc.

We analyze each food’s estimated carbon and water footprint, using our life-cycle inventory database of 3,000+ ingredients from a standardized collection of leading peer-reviewed commodity life cycle assessments. Our process is based on the GHG Protocol Product Standard.

eg. Low Carbon Footprint (78 gCO2eq per serving, like driving a car 0.2 miles).

Help shoppers make healthy choices with nutrition scores and processing scores for any food or beverage product. Our Nutrition Score is based on the FSAm-NPS standard, and our Food Processing Score is based on the EPIC & NOVA Systems (standards widely used by medical experts and European retailers).

eg. Nutrition Score: 75/100.

​​Help your shoppers make eco-conscious choices with science-based environmental footprint &/or ingredient safety scores based on foods’ estimated carbon footprint, water footprint, use of toxic additives, pesticides, antibiotics, & hormones–based on standards from GHG Protocol, WHO, USDA, FSIS, EPA, & more.

eg. Environment Score: 92/100.

Help shoppers discover the best options for their personal dietary needs and values. Our Recommendations API includes: Substitutes, Better-for-You Alternatives, Best for You, and Bought Together Pairings. Each recommendation engine can be personalized–filtered to match a user’s dietary preferences.

From plug & play APIs to custom SaaS for food retailers, distributors, and brands – we design beautiful experiences for health-conscious & eco-conscious consumers and business leaders.

GreenScores® & Better-for-You substitutes

Add science-based health scores and sustainability scores to your product pages, with personalized recommendations for similar products with higher scores. Powered by GreenChoice.

Product tags & labels

Place dietary and values tags, clean ingredient labels, and carbon footprint labels on products to help customers find what they’re looking for quickly.

Search filtering & featured product collections

Filter your product catalog to match any combo of diets, allergens, nutrient & ingredient preferences, personal values, and more. Curate personalized dietary and values product collections.

ESG metrics & tracking

Access health and sustainability metrics on your product portfolio, compare brand and product performance within each product category, and see how to improve.

We meet you where you’re at

Simplifying SKU-level data on diet, health & sustainability is what we’re good at.

So you don’t need to stress learning, updating, and managing the latest science, standards, and regulatory compliance.

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Our story

Founder and CEO Galen Karlan-Mason is no stranger to the perils of food shopping or the power of food as medicine. As a kid growing up in rural Vermont, he suffered from complex food allergies (gluten, rice, citrus) that made his parents’ weekly trip to the grocery store a time-consuming and frustrating affair.

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