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          GreenChoice is a carbon-nuetral online marketplace that makes it easy to buy the best products for you and the planet.

          Our founder, Galen Karlan-Mason, formed GreenChoice as a public benefit company because he wanted to ensure GreenChoice would always operate in the best interest of all life and Mother Earth.

          As a public benefit company, we have a legal obligation to prioritize our public benefit to society and the environment alongside financial returns. Our purpose is defined as, “empowering people to create a more just and sustainable world.”

          We are working to achieve this by:

          1. Empowering consumers to make informed choices:
          1.a. By providing users with critical and honest information on the health implications, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility of industries, companies, products and services.
          1.b. By giving users feedback on the impact of their choices.
          1.c. By connecting users in ways that facilitate and inspire collective action.

          2. Conducting operations with integrity and transparency:
          2.a. By publicly disclosing information on our scoring methodology and clearly defining and avoiding potential conflicts of interest that could jeopardize the integrity of our GreenScores.

          3. Fostering a work environment of integrity, courage, curiosity, and collaboration:
          3.a. By creating a workplace in which we play big, praise diversity, seek truth, and recognize that only together we will change the world.

          Good question. The store you order from on GreenChoice pays us 1-4% of your order total.

          There is no sponsored content or advertising on GreenChoice.

          This is a very important question – the following are reasons why we feel you can trust us. If you’re not convinced or have concerns, please message us, we’re happy to answer your questions.

          1. We’re not making things up! We rely on data from existing authorities in personal and public health, environmental science, human rights, sustainable agriculture, and beyond. For more info on our data sources check out our GS System page.

          2. We will always be honest with you about how we evaluate companies and their products, and we we will always be honest with you about how we make money and who pays us.

          3. Our Founder and CEO Galen Karlan-Mason grew up in rural Vermont, raised by two former hippies in the woods. His parents built their house with ~14 friends and installed solar panels on their roof to heat their water, and just 2 years ago they installed additional panels to go 100% renewable. His family raises chickens for eggs and made a point to give their 7 hens more space than the hens have ever dared to explore. His dad drives an electric car and an electric motorcycle. When growing up everything was recycled and lights were never left on after leaving a room. Galen’s parents place value on experiences, nature, personal relationships, kindness, education, and our responsibility to give back. Galen is the product of these values, and Galen started GreenChoice because he was frustraited by how hard it was to make food choices that supported his allergies, health goals, and values. Galen and the rest of the GreenChoice team feel strongly that “it should be easier” to make informed food choices, and it is our goal to empower consumers with the knowledge needed to eat food that is healthy for them and the planet. Galen hopes GreenChoice will leverage our collective buying power to push companies to act in our best interest and to produce products that nurture – rather than harm – us and the planet.

          If you look in the top left corner of our main menu, you’ll see either a store logo or the text “Browse-only” just to the right of the GreenChoice logo.

          Click the store logo or “Browse-only” text and a dropdown will appear with each of the store’s that are shoppable on GreenChoice. Select the store where you’d like to shop. When you change your store, you will be redirected to that store’s storefront.

          Anytime you want to change the store you’re hsopping at, simply go to this dropdown and select eh store.

          You can search our database of over 340,000 food & beverage products to compare their GreenScore® ratings, learn about their impact on your health and the environment, and discover healthy, climate-friendly alternatives.

          To search the entire GreenChoice database, select “Browse-only” mode from the store selector dropdown in the top left corner of our main menu.


          Yes – GreenChoice is completely free to use!

          GreenChoice always charges the same price as the store. And if a product is on sale, we always offer the full sale discount to you.

          Products ‘on sale’ have the original price crossed off with a red line.

          We earn a small commission from the store you order from on GreenChoice, typically 1-4%. This is usually just enough to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase.

          Community donations keep us in business, help us scale our impact, and ensure we stay ad-free. Most community members who shop with us donate $3.80 per order.

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          Target has an order minimum of $35. No other store listed on Greenchoice has an order minimum.

          You can order just one product if you’d like, but we recommend planning ahead and building a cart of at least $35. This will get you free shipping, but more importantly, shipping a box with multiple products requires less packaging and has a lower carbon footprint than shipping multiple boxes.

          Yes – you can build shopping carts for multiple stores and checkout from all of them at once!

          After ordering, you will receive two emails confirming your order, one from us and one from the store you ordered from. The store you order from will provide an order tracking code or link.

          If you have a GreenChoice account, you can always see your order history in your My profile section.

          The store you order from on GreenChoice will send you an order confirmation email immediately after you checkout; this email will include an order tracking code or link.

          All the stores listed on GreenChoice offer standard shipping at a flat rate of $5.99 and free shipping on orders over $35.

          If you ordered from Walgreens or CVS or your order was less than $35 – your order will be shipped using standard ground shipping and should arrive within 4 business days.

          If you ordered from Target or Walmart and your order was more than $35 – your order will be shipped using 2-day shipping and should arrive in 1-3 business days.

          Your order is fulfilled by the store you order from on GreenChoice, so your order will come in a box with the store’s branding.

          Important question. All the stores listed on GreenChoice ship orders in curbside recyclable boxes. We hope you’ll recycle or reuse your box.

          Packaging within your box depends on the store.

          For more store-specific info on the packaging of your shipment, check out this blog post where we break down each store’s packaging and shipping practices.

          Unfortunately, we do not support international orders at this time. Want to see us in your country? Let us know!

          All stores listed on GreenChoice accept returns within 30 days of purchase and will issue a full refund for returned items, unless noted in their exceptions.

          If you receive a damaged item or do not receive your order – reply directly to the store’s confirmation email and our support team will help you!

          Below is additional info on each of our store’s return policies.

          Walmart Return Policy:

          “You have 90 days after purchase to exchange or return, unless noted in our exceptions. You can return items in-store, for free by mail, or via a scheduled pickup from your home. Please provide your in-store receipt or order number and we will refund the purchase price and applicable taxes and fees to the original form of payment or provide a replacement.”

          Walmart’s complete Return Policy

          Target Return Policy:

          “Most unopened items sold by Target in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange. Some items sold by Target have a modified return policy noted on the receipt, packing slip, Target policy board (refund exceptions), or in the item description. Items that are opened or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange.”

          Target’s complete Return Policy

          Walgreens Return Policy:

          “Most products purchased from may be returned either to a store or by mail within 30 days of purchase date and must be accompanied by the original receipt included with the shipment. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on all Walgreens brand products! If you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion and we will refund the full price, including shipping.”

          Walgreen’s complete Return Policy

          Carbon-neutral shopping

          We remove or offset all the carbon emissions created in the making and packaging of the food products you buy, as well as the boxing and shipping of your order. We do this by investing in clean energy and forestry projects.

          Offsetting the carbon emissions of our food is no silver bullet to climate change, but it’s a critical piece of the puzzle. We’re particularly excited by the opportunity to invest our revenues into projects that enable sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture.

          We hope our work will inspire more companies to do the same and think beyond carbon-neutral shipping.

          Your order’s carbon footprint is calculated considering the carbon emissions used to:

          1. Produce the products you bought – ingredients, processing, and packaging.

          2. Box your shipment – packaging material used, and the order size and weight.

          3. Ship your box – distance from the distributor, shipping method, and order weight.

          We always add a buffer to our footprint calculations, to make sure we’re aways offsetting at least 100% of your order’s carbon footprint.

          We work with CHOOOSE and invest in the Los Santos Wind Power Project in Costa Rica to offset the carbon footprint of every purchase on GreenChoice. Led and run by the local community of Los Santos, the project reduces more than 15,000 tons of CO2 annually, supports sustainable development initiatives in the community, and facilitates youth workshops on environmental education. The project is certified by the Gold Standard for the Global Goals and registered as a United Nations Clean Development Mechanism.

          We also work with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees every time a community member donates to support GreenChoice or a new GreenChoice member creates an account. The Eden Reforstation Project is a nonprofit organization that employs locals to reforest deforested areas in impovershed regions around the world and funds ecological education programming to support the ongoing care of the forest.

          Very important question. We publish our community’s carbon footprint and our carbon offset investment receipts in a blog post on the second and last Friday of every month. Check out our last post of carbon-neutral receipts here!

          GreenScore® ratings

          We love that you asked! Check out our GreenScore® method page here, where we break it down.

          Great question! Our Environmental Footprint rating doesn’t consider packaging at this time, because we don’t yet have the necessary data to rate products on their packaging.

          The Environmental Footprint rating is based on the carbon footprint and water footprint of the food or beverage item itself. We’re just getting started and working step by step. We’ve started by addressing the main driver of climate change – carbon emissions – and have added water footprint because of growing water scarcity associated with climate change.

          When GreenChoice offsets the carbon footprint of your order, we do also estimated carbon emissions of each products packaging and include that in the total carbon footprint offset.

          No food company can ever pay GreenChoice for a GreenScore® rating.


          We’re always looking for new products that align with our community’s values. If you’re interested in selling your products on GreenChoice, please submit your info here.
          We’re always looking to expand our store coverage on GreenChoice. If you ship grocery products, we’d love to explore the potential to add your store on the GreenChoice marketplace. Please email us at
          Yes – we offer various data services & licensing packages. If you’re interested in using our nutrition or food sustainability data for your own business, email us at

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          GreenChoice is the first carbon-neutral online grocery marketplace. We help conscious consumers easily buy the best products for their health & the planet ~ and offset the carbon footprint of every purchase by investing in clean energy and reforestry projects. We’re trying our best to do our part.

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