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GreenChoice is a free app that empowers you to shop for healthy and sustainable food. We analyze food products' impact on your health and the planet to help you make the best choices + track your progress!

Added Sugar (Hidden) in Our Food 2019

Frequent, excessive consumption of added sugars presents a profound health risk to consumers. Deciphering nutrition labels, managing sugar intake, and avoiding added sugars is challenging for the average consumer when ingredients are clearly displayed; it can be nearly impossible when added sugar content is not disclosed, ingredients are disguised, and package labels contain misleading claims.

We analyzed the presence of added sugars in 55,072 products spanning a variety of food and beverage categories, to increase the understanding of where and how added sugars are typically consumed. Outside of the common culprits like sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets, our findings highlight the pervasiveness of added sugars in several "health food" categories and even within foods marketed as "free of" added sugars.


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