The Eco-Conscious Guide: 5 Local and Socially Responsible Boston Businesses

As one of the oldest and busiest cities in America, Boston has a vibrant history and culture, serving as a hub for many startups. With that, local entrepreneurs are also focused on making Boston a more sustainable, eco-friendly city by taking new environmental measures to promote a greener environment, economic growth, and social equality. For example, some shops in the Boston area have even taken action by banning plastic bags and offering more socially responsible products.

Follow this list for a few eco-conscious places to discover and explore in Boston!

1. Daily Table:

Looking for wholesome, local, and sustainable groceries? Then, the Daily Table is the place for you! Daily Table was founded by Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe’s, and is a not for profit retail store located in Dorchester, MA. Their mission is to provide affordable, healthy meals and groceries to all in order to “reduce both the effects of poor eating habits caused by challenging economics, and the impact that wasted food and its precious resources has on our environment.” Check them out for a variety of groceries and fresh “grab-n-go” meals fit for every budget.

2. Clover Food Labs:

Are you in the mood for an Impossible Meatball sandwich made from soy, coconut, potato, and heme, packed inside a fresh pita with garlic and parsley? With 12 locations in Boston, Clover Food Labs has you covered. Clover Food Labs’ mission is to address global warming through its vegan and vegetarian food options. One of their primary goals is to draw in people who normally would not consider this type of cuisine, shocking them with their delicious turnip soup or Mayor Menino Soy BLT.

3. Cambridge Naturals:

This family-owned and operated business is located in Cambridge and Brighton. They provide all-natural products sourced locally, organically, and ethically from fair trade and direct trade channels. Cambridge Naturals’ knowledgeable staff can provide you with plenty of information on their nontoxic skin care, nutritional supplements, organic food, and tons of other supplies that fit your healthy lifestyle.

4. Equal Exchange Cafe:

Head over to the historic North End for a fairly traded specialty cup of coffee. Equal Exchange is the oldest fair trade coffee company in the US and their Equal Exchange Cafe serves organic, gourmet coffees, teas, chocolates, and other goodies. Furthermore, the cafe sources its ingredients fairly from local dairy farmers and serves pastries from local businesses.

5. Higher Ground Farm:

Do you want to grow an onsite farm at your institution and need help? Higher Ground Farm opened Boston’s first commercial rooftop farm in 2013 in Seaport Boston. They now grow produce for the Boston Medical Center community while also helping healthcare, higher education, and other institutions establish flourishing onsite farms. They offer consulting and mentorship on institutional food service and operations, agriculture, beekeeping, and farm education. This is a way to build a community within your institution while also learning and growing fresh foods.


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