GC Announces Beta Launch & is Voted "Favorite Company" at Mass Innovation Nights!

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Founder & CEO, Galen Karlan-Mason, presenting to an attentive audience.

Last Thursday, the GreenChoice team gathered at Brandeis University to join fellow entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and Boston area residents at the 120th Mass Innovation Nights. GreenChoice lined up with 9 other innovative start-up companies to start the night off with tabletop demos. Our team talked to attendees about the values, purpose, and features of GreenChoice and announced the launch of the beta version of our mobile app! As many of you may know, our app makes conscious eating and grocery shopping easy, fun and more affordable for consumers who care about health, ethics, and the environment.

Visitors from Brandeis and the Greater Boston Area circled the room to hear from all the innovators at the event. As attendees crowded around the GreenChoice table, many vocalized how frustrating it was to try and keep up with the myriad of claims being made in the average grocery store aisle. Nonetheless, they responded emphatically when we explained how GreenChoice makes this impossible task easier by providing consumers with simplified and honest information, backed by science, about the products they consider purchasing.

Galen and Lead Data Scientist, Varun Srivastava (left), accepting GreenChoice's award as "Favorite Company" of the night. Photo from Twitter @hammerchick

In the lead up to the event, GreenChoice won Mass Innovation Nights’ online competition for “Favorite Product” (for the second year in a row); this gave us the opportunity to pitch and announce our public beta launch to an excited and attentive audience. By the time tabletop demos ended, we had won “Favorite Company” of the night, receiving the highest number of ballots from attendees.

When Galen, our Founder and CEO, presented, it was clear that the audience was ready for an app like GreenChoice. Attendees were excited by the value of our GreenScore® System and the information it provides those of us who don’t have the time to investigate every product we might buy. Our team uses data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning to aggregate and analyze disparate research and data on the food industry, producers, and ingredients We use the information we collect from 100+ organizations and scientific reports to evaluate food and beverage products across seven dimensions of health, ethics, and sustainability.

Photo from Twitter @BobbieC

We were thrilled to announce the launch of our beta app. In the app’s current form, users can search products or scan their barcodes to see GreenScore® data on the nutritional value, processing concerns, food safety, and environmental impact of over 55,000 food and beverage products. Users are also able to compare product prices and build shopping lists for more than ten different grocery retailers. The rest of the app's features, like online ordering and the ability to earn rewards when you buy better products are still being developed and will be released in phases over the coming months.

We need you to help us reach our goal to have 1,000 users making more informed food choices by the end of the month. Download our free app by tapping “Use GreenChoice” at the top of your screen so you can be sure the groceries you buy are healthy, safe, ethical, and sustainable. And please, reach out and let us know what you think! We can be reached at contactus@greenchoicenow.com or by phone at 617-855-9025. With your feedback, GreenChoice can be the go-to place for consumers, like you, who want to make values-based choices about the food they eat every day.



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