GreenChoice attends Greentown Labs Demo Day!

GreenChoice demonstrates how its free mobile app empowers people to make better food choices.

On June 7th, 2019 the GreenChoice team attended Greentown Labs Demo Day in Somerville, Massachusetts and presented GC to over 500 attendees! There we had the opportunity to share the features and functionality of Greenchoice along with our passion and desire to help those trying to make healthier food choices. In addition, we had the honor of hearing United States Senator, Edward J. Markey speak about his Green New Deal.

About Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is the largest clean technology incubator in North America, supporting over 170 companies since 2011. Today, there are 93 companies in the incubator and we are proud to be the most recently selected member. Their mission is to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs in the cleantech industry and offer them resources to solve the world’s environmental problems. Greentown Labs members can utilize their prototyping and wet lab space, shared office space, a machine shop, and electronics lab, as well as network and connect with investors and mentors in the industry .

Demo Day!

Greentown Labs Demo Day is an opportunity for members to showcase their innovations. Attendees included cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, strategic partners, and VIPs from around the world interested in combating the many challenges surrounding efficiency and the environment.

Lillian Hong and others at the GreenChoice table.

The attendees roamed around the global center for cleantech innovation, learning about many different advancements in the industry. Visitors packed around the GreenChoice table speaking to our CEO and founder, Galen Karlan-Mason along with our Lead Data Scientist, Varun Srivastava, and our team of summer interns. We had quite a crew there!

We found that many people were fascinated by GreenChoice’s features and how necessary and relevant it is in their life. Attendees were thrilled with the GreenScore® System and the amount of information the app provides you, both conveniently and reliably. Many raved about the fact that they can customize the settings on the app to fit their dietary needs and values while comparing all product options and prices. We were pleased with the enthusiasm of the attendees and many downloaded the GreenChoice app on the spot.

Later in the day, we had the privilege of hearing United States Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass) explain more about the Green New Deal he plans on implementing across the

US! The Green New Deal is a 10 year plan to mobilize our society, converting it into a greener, more sustainable one with renewable energy and a boosted economy. He shared, “Greentown Labs is our other Green Monster. If we [are going to] achieve the kind of bold vision of the Green New Deal, we will need Greentown Labs and its

entrepreneurs and engineers showing us the way.”

We also heard from the Mayor of Somerville, Joseph Curtatone. He stated, “Somerville set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, and Somerville Climate Forward, our new climate action plan, shows we can’t do it alone—and we’ll need new technologies to get us over the finish line.” Greenchoice is humbled and honored to be a part of the team to get us over that finish line.


Try the app out yourself and download it now for free on iPhone and Android and find foods fitting your dietary needs, values, and budget!




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GreenChoice is a free app that empowers you to buy the best food products for YOU and the planet, based on your dietary preferences and values. We analyze products' impact on your health and the environment to help you make purchases that match your personal needs.