MassChallenge Startup Showcase: GreenChoice Demos to over 1,000 attendees!

On July 16th, 2019, GreenChoice joined 100+ startups from the Boston and Rhode Island cohort to demo at the MassChallenge Startup Showcase! With over 1,000 attendees, GreenChoice had the opportunity to speak with industry experts about product advancements while also sharing the values, purpose, and features of GreenChoice to those trying to make healthier food choices, conveniently and reliably.

About MassChallenge

MassChallenge is a global non-profit accelerator strengthening the innovation ecosystem by accelerating a diverse range of startups from countless industries and countries. They support early-stage startups from around the world for zero equity with locations in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Texas.

Through MassChallenge’s four month long competition-based program, participants have the opportunity to win a portion of the $3 million global prize, connect with world-class mentors, attend countless programming events, and receive free office space.

GreenChoice’s Path to Acceptance

GreenChoice applied for MassChallenge in 2018; however, we were not accepted the first time around. We continued to move forward and eventually we were nominated by

Brandeis University for a second round slot. From there, we applied for the first round as a formality where we continued into the second round on our own merit. After a live 20 minute pitch, we had the option to pick between the Rhode Island or Boston cohort.

We made a strategic decision to go with Rhode Island as we plan to expand our footprint and connect with a new community in a smaller cohort where we can build a more personal relationship with our mentors. We also hope to connect with industry experts from CVS and United Natural Foods (UNFI) which are headquartered in Providence, RI.

A Play by Play of the Showcase

At the 10th annual MassChallenge Startup Showcase, the general public had the opportunity to join more than 100 startups, mentors, and partners to learn more about the 2019 Boston and Rhode Island Cohort. Attendees included MassChallenge alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and other innovation enthusiasts from around the world. There were 1000+ attendees, 300+ entrepreneurs, and 200+ industry leaders.

Guests roamed around the MassChallenge Boston Seaport location learning about different advancements across five different industries: energy and cleantech, healthcare and life sciences, high tech, non-profit and social enterprise, and general. GreenChoice was one of the 42 high tech startups who showcased. Visitors packed around the GreenChoice table and spoke to our CEO and Founder, Galen Karlan-Mason, our Lead Data Scientist, Varun Srivastava, and our team of summer interns.

Many attendees shared with us their food shopping challenges and the difficulties of reading through labels and claims. In response, it was once again evident to us that an app like GreenChoice, giving simplified, data-driven information to make better food choices easily and reliably, is needed in the market. We consistently found that people were drawn to the personalized features of the app and appreciated that they can customize the settings to fit their dietary needs and values while comparing product options and prices.

A common challenge we found people experience is the amount of time they spend researching their foods and on the shopping itself. Therefore, guests were thrilled with the GreenScore® System and the amount of information it gives you instantly. Users were also satisfied with the ability to buy their groceries directly from the app, with the bonus of earning rewards as well!

GreenChoice is very excited about the months ahead. We know that through MassChallenge we will continue to take our venture to the next level while building our relationship with the New England innovation community.


GreenChoice offers you product-specific health & sustainability insights and scores for over 55,000 food and beverage products, so you can easily compare products for food safety, processing concerns, nutritional value, and environmental impact. Download the GreenChoice app now for free on iPhone and Android and find foods fitting your dietary needs, values, and budget!




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GreenChoice is a free app that empowers you to buy the best food products for YOU and the planet, based on your dietary preferences and values. We analyze products' impact on your health and the environment to help you make purchases that match your personal needs.