We’re building the first carbon-neutral marketplace for healthy, climate-friendly grocery shopping.

GreenChoice Grocery Marketplace

Helping you make climate-friendly choices

The average American can cut their carbon footprint in half just by changing the food they eat. We highlight “climate-friendly” items to help you shop sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.

Products with our Climate-friendly badge are:

Low carbon footprint

Low water footprint

Palm oil free

Easy to recycle

100% carbon-neutral shopping

We offset or capture the carbon footprint of your entire grocery cart – from the ingredients in the products you buy, to the packaging and shipping of your order.

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Wind power & reforestation

To offset the carbon footprint of every purchase – we’ve partnered to support the construction and care of fifteen 850kW wind power turbines in Costa Rica and tree planting to restore desertified farmland around the world.

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GreenChoice online grocery order

Recyclable packaging

Orders are shipped in curbside recyclable boxes.

All the packaging in your box is also recyclable. In some cases, recyclable air pillows are used to protect items. Air pillows should be brought to a recycling center or grocery store; looking for a location near you? Search your zip code here.

Ground shipping

Your box is always delivered using ground shipping, which has less than half the carbon footprint of air freight. We calculate & offset the carbon footprint of all shipping.

GreenChoice online grocery order

What's next in 2021

Expanding our Climate-friendly criteria to include wildlife & biodiversity impacts.

Adding more sustainably-sourced products, made by the little guys.

Making our public benefit company a Certified B-Corp.

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GreenChoice is the first carbon-neutral online grocery marketplace. We help conscious consumers easily buy the best products for their health & the planet ~ and offset the carbon footprint of every purchase by investing in clean energy and reforestry projects. We’re trying our best to do our part.

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