Meet Boston Health & Sustainability Role Model: Dee Hake

Last week, we introduced you to Tava Sternberg, a Boston nutritionist working to help people live a balanced life. This week, GreenChoice would like you to meet Boston health and sustainability role model Dee Hake, a nurse and anesthetist.

Dee documents her life through Instagram, showcasing her dedication to fitness and healthy eating. Dee promotes mindfulness, shares products and recipes, and glimpses into her day-to-day activities with her followers.

Read part one of our interview with Dee below. The opinions expressed in this interview are Dee's own and do not reflect the view of GreenChoice.

Why are fitness, healthy living, and veganism important to you?

You only get one body. One 'home' to take you through a lifetime of adventures. Making healthy choices and moving in a purposeful way each day, helps ensure I am doing my part to nourish my body. I feel my best when I am fueling my body with clean, healthy food it can easily digest and utilize. This ensures I can keep traveling, exploring, and making memories for as long as possible. The trifecta of fitness, healthy living and veganism means not only more tomorrows, but healthier ones.

What were the factors in your decision to go vegan? Did you notice a change in your health -- either good or bad -- when you made the transition?

It is impossible to ignore the impact that humans are having on this planet and its inhabitants. Doing my part to eliminate suffering and cruelty, through nutrition and lifestyle choices, is one way I can personally and directly affect change.

I have been eating consciously for the past few years and recently transitioned to a vegan diet. Health wise, I have definitely noticed a difference. The body is so resilient and once you start fueling it with whole, nutritious foods, you feel better all around. I no longer have digestion issues, no more bloating or upset stomach after meals. Dairy was a big culprit. My energy levels are consistently high and I don't find myself facing the post lunch slump or reaching for sugary treats in the afternoon. I didn't really notice any negative changes once I made the decision to go vegan. It did take some time for my body to get used to the increased veggie intake, especially raw vegetables, but it adjusted quickly.

What do health and sustainability mean to you?

Health and sustainability mean taking the time to make good choices today while thinking about the impact on tomorrow and beyond. Choosing products that are sustainable and buying from brands who share a vision of a better and healthier tomorrow means that yes there is food to eat today, but that it is being planted, grown and harvested as part of a strategy into the future. It's having a long-range game-plan and making choices today that will lead to a better tomorrow. Stay tuned for part two of Dee's interview coming next week.

You can follow Dee on Instagram @deepthoughtsdee


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